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The Silver Ghost Gift Greeting Card


Manufacturer: XLD CARDS

Product Information

The Silver Ghost Gift Greeting Card

This card is in the XLD CARDS special collection created by Danial CrowTalker especially for our exclusive Gift Greeting Card product line. The cards are sized at 5 X 7 and can be framed if desired.

Please choose the software media you want (USB Key or CD) inside of your Gift Greeting Card if any and then choose the software you want on the software media, if any.

You can click HERE to open a new browser page to view more information about the software you can choose from and just close the page when you have decided what you would like us to add to your card before we ship it to you.

Please remember, you cannot choose software to add to your card without first choosing what kind of media for us to put it on.

This card is also one of the cards included in our Wildlife Boxed Sets.


Product Code: GGC-116



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