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Fundraising projects are part of what XLD CARDS™ does to give value back to your local communities and to help those in need of earning ways to do good deeds.

We provide different and easy ways for a fundraising organization to build cash flow using our program. We can print catalogs of our gift greeting cards and provide order forms that are personalized for your organization or project. We can also print specifically designed cards using provided artwork or photos. We can also provide customized digital media on CD or USB keys that can be put in the cards.

Beyond the physical cards and media, we have a very sophisticated affiliate program that can track our digital media and pay out commissions to your fundraising organization anytime a person places an order from our site after having followed a link from inside of our digital media or from a link online.

Our main focus in making this happen starts with your fundraising organization contacting us using our CONTACT US form and then filling out the form for our Affiliate Program. Our affiliate program is free to sign up with and pays a 20% commission on sales that are referred to our site.

The difference in what we do though, is we take all the work out of setting up an affiliate program as most fundraising organizations do not have the knowledge or expertise to do the work online that is needed to use an affiliate program in its normal operation.

This is what we do for the fundraising organization to get the ball rolling fast and easy.

The first thing we do is determine how you want to operate your fundraiser. What materials need to be produced, and who takes delivery.

Then we get the designated person assigned to the project to fill out our affiliate application form. Once we have the form filled out we approve the application and get started.

Use the Internet To Boost Your Fundraiser Income

We provide you with a very simple link that can be used in emails, social media, blog's, or put on web pages. The back end software for our affiliate program also provides all the code needed for banners and text links if your organization has someone that can help you do that as well.

Depending on the fundraising organization, we may also provide a display and gift greeting card package that can be placed on a counter or the gift greeting cards can be sold to customers directly to help raise funds.

The CDs or USB Keys that come in our gift greeting cards are custom made for the fundraising organization so that all links that lead back to our site contain the organizations affiliate links so that when a purchase is made by the end user of the CDs or USB Keys, a commission is earned by the fundraising group.

It doesn't matter where in the USA the order originates from so the gift greeting cards with the included software CDs can be mailed all over the country and the fundraising organization associated with that particular CD or USB Key will be given the commissions.

This is done at no up front cost to the fundraising organization.

We are also very happy to work with any fundraising organization to create a totally custom CD or USB Key and card design set with all of the same features as above.

An example of this may be like a school project where a special trip is being funded with a fundraising effort. We could build the class a special CD or USB Key to go inside of a custom printed card that may contain class pictures, artwork provided by the students, photographs, a community recipe book, an events calendar, and much more.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us form and provide us with a contact person and we will be happy to get you up and going.

What kind of organizations can benefit from using the XLD CARDS™ fundraising program?

  • All major or small non-profit organizations.
  • Schools
  • School bands
  • Debate teams
  • Church groups
  • Animal shelters
  • Wild animal rescue groups
  • Military and veterans support groups
  • Legal defense organizations
  • Human rights groups
  • Civil liberties groups
  • Children's support groups
  • Cancer support and research groups
  • Medical fund raising groups
  • Environmental groups
  • Humane associations
  • Forest preservation supporters
  • Fire fighter charities
  • Police charities
  • Hospitals
  • Scholarship fund raising
  • Doctors and medical teams who donate time and money to those in need.
  • Educational institutions
  • Physical and cognitive disabilities
  • Nonprofit organizations that deal with poverty
  • Food for the hungry organizations
  • Habitats for the poor or other humanitarian habitat efforts.
  • Senior citizens support groups
  • Woman's groups
  • Watchdog groups
  • Wild horse defense groups
  • and many others that can benefit from our XLD CARDS™ fundraising program



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